Gamer Uncle


It may seem weird to be posting about real life, but bear with me… I hope I am going somewhere with this.

My sister gave birth to her first child today, making my mom and dad into grandparents, and me into an uncle for the first time. Being called “Uncle” is not new to me, many of my friends are parents, but to call somebody my niece… definitely a new experience.

My first thought was to my real life profession: my niece needs to start saving for the future right away, education fund (RESP here in Canada), my sister and brother-in-law need to look at a Will, contingencies and plans, is their insurance sufficient, etc. I confess, I get that way with all my clients to try and protect their interests, so it is no different for my only sister and only niece.

But I am also the gamer of the family… that means while my niece might follow in the footsteps of her parents (doctors both), it is up to the fun uncle to get her a gaming system, show her how to use her iPad supermegaawesome Air (not a real product… yet) and download games, even introduce her to board games or D&D. I had disapproving parents when I was growing up, and I have a wife that calls me a “geek” (sometimes lovingly), but I am hoping my niece never has to face any stigma for being intelligent, sporty and active, but also a gamer… whatever she wants to be.

I look forward to the day I am a father. It is an awesome responsibility: Which game do you introduce your child to first? How long till they can roll dice and get their first natural 20? When does the student become the (game) master?

But… what do I know…?

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