What Scares Her


In honor of Halloween and the spirit of fear (rather than the spirit of gluttony and candy), I want to relate an old story for you…

I am not a huge fan of the horror or thriller genre of books, movies, or games. My wife likes to be scared. So a few years back, I started playing Dead Space and my wife would watch and freak out beside me. It was a nice way to share my love of gaming with a non-gamer.

After coming home from a trip to bakery, my wife asked me to fire up Dead Space while she ate her peach pastry. I had not played the game for a while and I was really unsure where I was in the game, so I backtracked into an area I already completed. Those who have played the game know that some areas respawn creatures that make noise and flail, but are essentially harmless. As I walked by one of those areas, the wall creature made a half-hearted noise and tentacles rose limply. My wife jumped a bit. At that point, I looked carefully at the creature, casually pulled out the plasma cutter, and fired. The gun’s noise level was about three times the noise the wall thing made, causing my wife to practically leap off the floor, throw her pastry into the air, and have it land–sticky side down–on the carpet.

I promptly laughed for five minutes until my sides hurt and I wanted to throw up. To this day, my wife cannot buy that peach pastry without worrying about dropping it.

Have a very happy Halloween!

But… what do I know…?

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