Rolling Stone and D&D

I wanted to share something I pulled off the D&D Twitter account this morning…


NBA D&D: The Dungeon Master’s Guide to the 2014-15 Season

When I started playing D&D, it was not quite the dark days of Jack Chick (not going to justify his ignorance with a link), but there was still a social stigma attached to being a gamer. Though I was a decent athlete and cyclist, and had friends outside of gaming, my parents never approved nor was I not comfortable sharing my hobby with the general world outside. I was afraid of what people would think. That is disappointing, thinking about it years and years later, since I live in one of the most accepting and tolerant society and country in the world.

Today, people are making their way in the world because someone (or several someones) decided to make gaming their passion on a grand scale. Not to make it fashionable, but to come out of the cold and make it a shared experience everyone could understand. Instead of social stigma, social acceptance and sharing. And just last week, Rolling Stone made D&D character sheets for four NBA players.

I do not make my way through this world as a gamer, but I applaud those who do. Bear the standard into the days ahead and confront those who would use our good name for ill will.

I am starting a new D&D game soon by the way, I am hoping to expose a few old friends (and some new ones) to what starting me down the gamer’s road so many years ago.

But… what do I know…?

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