Getting Your News


Where do you look for look for gaming news? While I am happy you take a bit of time out of your day to look at my opinion on random topics, I am not a source of bleeding edge information. I actually find that in this age of recorded and streamed shows, ad-blocked sites, and mile-a-minute social media alerts, I am a bit behind on gaming news unless I really search for it. There are several sites that focus on this, but some of the articles I read are directly plagiarized from another source. Who is the originator and who really has the scoop?

There was a time when you could easily find the source of a rumor or information tidbit. There were only a few places that people would post or share news online. An exclusive meant you broke a non-disclosure agreement and released a beta copy you were testing. I have not been a game tester for a long time (I think there are some really old Activision titles with my name in the credits), but I would guess there are measures in place to prevent that.

So who is trustworthy in this world of net anonymity and voices without accountability?  What is news and what is rumor? Who is being fed?

But… what do I know…?

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