Realm Works


Realm Works saved my campaign.

Okay, not really… but it did rekindle my love for writing and world building. A common complaint I share with other Game Masters is how difficult it is keep a campaign organized. Everyone has a system of sorts, but if they are like me, eventually something gets lost or you forget what the system was in the first place. There was nothing designed out there that I was truly comfortable with. Then a friend of mine mentioned Realm Works.

This is a truly great piece of software, well worth the price. It combines all the ways and systems that GMs use to organize their campaigns and lets you select how to use them. It is extremely customizable, allowing you to use some, all, or none of the suggested forms and fields, and to create your own categories to fit your style. The “relationship” manager helps you link relevant information in a hierarchy or web format. My only regret (for new users) is that there is no “demo” version for people to try before plunging in and there is a steep learning curve trying to get everything the way you want it before actually writing.

Do you have a system in place for your world building? Are you frustrated with it like I was? Let me know if you use Realm Works and your thoughts!

But… what do I know…?

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