Picture and Words

The adage about pictures and words is probably familiar to most English speaking people in North America. Try to imagine your favorite RPG book without pictures and paintings (or try reading the free D&D Basic Rules and the Player’s Handbook side-by-side, you get the idea). So when it comes to creating a character for a new game, I consider the character sheet incomplete without a portrait.

One of the best resource for character images is to search Google for Legend of the Cryptids. A lot of talented artists lend their professional works to the game. Once you get past the massive amount of female flesh and impossible costumes, you can appreciate the imagery for your game world (at least the faces). While there tons upon tons of great artists on Deviant Art (I bookmark as many as I come across), it is so much easier to search for game art online. It also has the look I want for my games: realistic, and a little bit more.

What resources do you use for your game art? What is your favorite? Do you draw your own?

By the way, I decided on a character, I will post a copy when it is completed…

But… what do I know…?

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