Game Movies

A guilty pleasure of mine is to go onto YouTube and watch a game movie on Gamers Little Playground. Yesterday, I had more time than usual, so I watched some from the Halo series and also the new Assassin’s Creed.  (Afterwards, I scrolled down from my YouTube home page to see what weird recommendations they had for me.)

The Halo movie was better. I am not evaluating the games, just the viewing experience when it comes to cutscenes and the story told through them. Halo is more emotional, the roller coaster ride of ups and downs is more vivid, and it grips you tighter making the pause button invisible. I think the music makes a huge difference, it creates an undertone that presses the viewer. Lastly, for a character who speaks rarely and you never see his face, you can get a lot of acting out of Master Chief’s helmet.

Which game movies are your favorite? Which one is your most anticipated? Why are we watching games instead of playing them?

But… what do I know…?

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