D&D Old and New

Sunday and Monday were both great D&D days.

Sunday I invited a few gamer friends over, one who I have played D&D with for years, one who has not played D&D in over 20 years, and one who never played at all. I started them on The Lost Mines of Phandelver (wonderful adventure from the D&D Starter Set). They really got into it (especially Stabby McHalfling, not his character name). I find that a lot of the people who play D&D in my area very tight-knit, but also very exclusive of others. (Unfortunately, a lot of gamers also think that playing an asshole constitutes roleplaying, which makes me sad. Topic for another time.) I am really happy to introduce newcomers to the game and I am really excited about having new gamers to mess around with. I play the role of Dungeon Master in this new campaign.

Yesterday (Monday), our long-time group got together to play our first game session. These are guys I really enjoy gaming with, everyone really puts a lot of effort into playing their character and personalities. I get to play a sanity-challenged character that decided to steal power from the Far Realms to trade for right mind (Human Noble Barbarian 1/Warlock 1).

But… what do I know…?

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