Total Party Kill

The dreaded TPK. Our three person party (missing a player tonight)–facing a green dragon way above our ability–decided to eat dirt and breath poison (not necessarily in that order). Oops. A few sessions before the dragon, we lost the halfling monk to a group of goblins. To be fair, blood loss and death rolls (the d20s favored 3 that night) killed the halfling. I am not sure what it is, but our characters feel both invincible and flimsy at the same time in this edition of D&D. It is also about 4th level where we are lacking the power of 3rd level spells, the Extra Attack feature, and might be a bit short on AC. We were definitely confident before facing the dragon… that and a silver piece will get you a pint at the tavern.

Rambling aside, I enjoyed our first TPK in 5th edition. I was upset at the lopsided fight, extremely surprised at the DM’s rolls (62 damage on 12d6 breath weapon), and disappointed that my defensively designed character did not hold up better in a scrap.

What was your best character death? How many bards were hired afterwards to sing it into legend?

We are starting Princes of the Apocalypse two weeks from now and we are continuing at 4th level (because we are down to three players for the foreseeable future), basically where we left off. Darkvision and Stealth are the party theme at the moment. Maybe I will play a drow (if the DM allows) cleric…

But… what do I know…?

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