Princes of the Apocalypse, Session 1

Red Larch

We started the highly reviewed Princes of the Apocalypse last night. My friend Alex is running the game, set in his homebrew setting The World of Eld. Instead of a play-by-play or spoilers for the campaign, I am hopefully going to talking more about characters, fun things that happened, and my general joy at playing D&D.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am playing an air jin (genasi) ranger named Zeph. A rough childhood and constant betrayals has left him very closed and suspicious. He plies his trade as a bounty hunter to hunt down the people who imprisoned and tortured him. The other characters (updated) are Ill (wood elf ranger/cleric), Barakas (tiefling sorcerer), and Nok (orc [half-orc] barbarian). Barakas is interesting… he is devil-blooded, blue dragon ancestry (forgot to ask his final skin/scales color, maybe purple) who specializes in ice and cold spells. He needs a belt of dwarvenkind and more resistances, maybe infected by a few more bloodlines. Heh. We all travelled to Red Larch together and are just getting to know each chaotic other.

The party plays a bit different than we have before. Everyone is trained in Stealth and has darkvision, so we move in the dark and sneak around a lot. This is a huge advantage because we can ambush enemies, snuff out torches and campfires, and slit throats in the night. We took a small camp of bandits completely by surprise, the enemy did not even get off an attack roll. By the way, if you are going to interrogate someone, the fanatical leader resistant to torture might not be the best person to keep alive…

The adventure plays like a huge mystery so far and we do not have enough pieces to even get an idea of how big or small whole picture yet (metagame information aside). I feel like there are lots of clues, but they are not connected and have no context without a lot more information. So far, we are just wandering around doing individual side quests. Hopefully they fit together… somehow.

It might matter less at 5th level when everyone else gets Extra Attack, but having two attacks (with Crossbow Expert) hitting an Unconscious opponent (advantage to attack and critical hit) is an impressive amount of damage. Also, the barbarian rolling 3d12 critical damage needs better dice. Heh.

Overall, the adventure is going along nicely. It does not drag you around by the nose and there is a lot of possible exploration and options. We will find out more in two weeks.

But… what do I know…?

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