Gaming Miniatures

The technology for 3D printing has improved significantly since its introduction… so it is no surprise that the first thing we do is to design our own gaming miniatures. Hero Forge had a Kickstarter campaign to create a whole line of customizable miniatures, spanning several genres, from fantasy to sci-fi. Looking for that perfect two-weapon fighter, tiefling rogue, or something completely different? Design it yourself on their website and have it shipped.

Back when I had a little blog going on the WotC community site (somewhere), I tried to throw a bit of advice and information about some of the gaming accessories that we take for granted. A wet erase battle mat, virtual gaming table and online campaign tracker, terrain builders or tiles, and even the dice we use (that are older than your children) might be foreign material to a new gamer. Picking out a miniature is part of that rite of growth, especially if they are purchasing it for a game, rather than rummaging through a pile that the DM owns. How much more exciting is it to find something exact rather than close enough? How great would it be if you could customize that army miniature without having to cut and glue?

What miniature did you have to modify? Which character would be the most difficult to find a match for?

How many air genasi miniatures with a hand crossbow do you know of? Maybe I should order one…

But… what do I know…?

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