Don’t Be A Dick

Occasionally I will take a few minutes to read some Tales from the Table. Inevitably, there is one (or many) story about a bad player or another, sometimes a bad DM. Usually it is someone who is “roleplaying” a character that is “challenging” (i.e. an asshole), actually happy and revelling in the fact they are being difficult. I want to clear up my opinion about this as I have to my players before…

Playing an asshole character is no different than being an asshole.

There is no excuse to say that your character is “just acting that way” when it disrupts and annoys everyone else. In game, as in real life, you cannot get away with it. It is not fun, it is not amusing. If your life is so banal or frustrating you need to take out your bad behavior on a gaming group, I suggest walking into a bad neighborhood in your area and mouth off to the local street gang or criminal organization. It will cure you faster than being banned from a game.

Now I know that is a harsh opinion from me, but asshole roleplaying is paramount to being rude. Rude is rude, simple. It happens at public game tables, conventions, and other places where people think they can get away with it. I prefer the dirty, unkept, unwashed neckbeard who picks at his belly button with his fingernail (yes, I saw this first hand) as opposed to the asshole who thinks he is only “roleplaying”.

Listen to Wil Wheaton, don’t be a dick.

No “buts” this time, this I know.

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