Princes of the Apocalypse, Session 6

(Yep, I missed a few sessions… continuing on…)

We finished clearing out the keep with water cultists last time and are now set on exploring an underground waterway. Is this the most obvious way to go? The DM controlled party member has reservations about our choice of path, but we forge on heedless…

Something is starting to bug me about this adventure. It is really aimless. I am not even sure what we are supposed to be doing anymore or how anything of what we are doing now supports our original mission. As a player, I am used to a little more “leading by the nose” to get a satisfying conclusion for clearing a dungeon or killing a villain. This adventure does not even have decent treasure to placate the murder hobo in me. No clues are being revealed, no neon carrot to help with the story–it is as if the author decided to write lots of little stories and plots and forgot to tell everyone to put everything together. “Horribly disjointed” is putting it mildly.

At this point, I would dissuade you from playing (or running) this module. The mystery of the campaign is actually finding the plot, let alone solving it.

But… what do I know…?

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