Princes of the Apocalypse, Session 7

Remember the dragon I spoke about before? Well…

Last night’s game session livened up significantly. We are still underground in some watery complex, we lost the invisible scout (sacrificed by his master), and we already spent a long rest in their midst. So what do we do? We spend 15 minutes talking about our last total party kill (TPK) and joking about dragons…

So we ran into a dragon (turtle).

We were told afterwards that it was a juvenile gargantuan dragon turtle… with a 52 point damage breath weapon. The only reason we did not wipe in the first round was because multiple characters have resistance. If you have not yet tangled with a dragon, you are missing out on the sheer terror facing one. We managed to drive off the creature, but not kill it.

Two things I picked up from this encounter:

First, Wizards needs to make a dragon turtle miniature. It is a pretty awe-inspiring creature, but a couple pieces of cardboard that we used does not do a justice to a gigantic dragon-headed snapping turtle.

Second, the combination of spike growth and repelling blast works like huge cheese grater. Spike growth is a 2nd level spell that creates an area of camouflaged spikes that deal 2d4 for every 5 ft. travelled through and repelling blast invocation pushes a creature hit by eldritch blast 10 ft., hence the combo. There was no more opportune moment than this to create a field of spikes the width of the room. The spell managed well over 50 points of damage as we slide the dragon turtle back and forth across it. Of course, I need to learn to read spells more carefully as the spell calls for difficult terrain (definitely would have helped) which I forgot.

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But… what do I know…?

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