Soundtrack Lyrics

A favorite channel of mine on YouTube is Outside Xbox. Ignoring the accents for a moment, they produce pretty amusing and ridiculous high-quality content. I came across a two year old video article about music soundtracks and games, but specifically all the songs they mentioned have lyrics.

Generally when I am looking at video game music, I look at tracks with no lyrics. The driving orchestral score of the Halo games are what comes to mind when I think strong game music. I feel singing distracts from the gameplay. However, the article felt differently. To my recollection, there are no video game songs I like that are sung, with perhaps the exception of something from Final Fantasy VIII. I look to anime for those kind of songs (something for a future article).

What do you look for in a good video game soundtrack? Do you agree with Outside Xbox?

But… what do I know…?

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