Forbes Preview and Geekdom

There was no game session yesterday, but it does not mean there was no D&D news! Well… obviously.

The most interesting thing I saw recently was a preview article on Forbes about Out of the Abyss, coming middle of September. Now, we have seen D&D in the mainstream publications before… but now Forbes is getting in on the previews that were once strictly in the realm of gaming websites and high-quality blogs. D&D has become… news?

When did all things geek become normal? An article (with individual sub-links) appeared on EN World yesterday. Without spoiling the reading, “geek” is now commonplace and acceptable, even considered the norm. While there are various explanations and reasons, but it does point out it is no longer a world of geeks vs. everyone else. There is no battleground left.

I played D&D in the time right after Jack Chick and heavy social stigma towards roleplaying games in general. To see how far the industry and especially the people have advanced since then is still shocking to me… but very encouraging.

But… what do I know…?

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