Lack of Content

Do you remember Chris Perkins’ The Dungeon Master Experience articles on the D&D site? That was the best web content they ever produced. I would wait impatiently for Fridays to roll around in order to read Perkins’ next article about his campaign and game advice. Ever since he finished the campaign and ended the column, the D&D site has gone downhill in terms of quantity and quality of web updates. Now, there is an occasional flash here and there, but most of the articles are uninteresting or nonsense, much like an average blog. 

There is a whole sea of talented writers out there who would give an arm and leg to write for the D&D site, most of whom would take the opportunity for free just to have their work out there to be seen. I followed (and tried to help out) Kevin “Piratecat” Kulp when his writing was just posted on EN World’s Story Hour forum, some of the best amateur writing about the campaign he was running. 

I wish for the return of Perkins, but in the meantime, bring out the writers and give the fans something to chew on, whether it is a short story or campaign blog. Give people a reason to check the site again… it leaves me disappointed. 

But… what do I know…?

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