Never Enough Time

My grandmother passed away this morning. I am not even in the country or same hemisphere. If not for my wife signing into her email, we would not even know. 

I spent lot of time with my grandmother when I was younger, but after she moved to Edmonton, we never called much. It is not for lack of caring, but laziness took over. There was never urgency either, I really thought she would live forever. When she got sick a week ago, we all thought she would recover from that as well. 

We all know that life is not infinite, but to realize that there is never enough time is difficult. Never enough time for family, for friends, for work, for fun and games, for doing what you need, nor for doing what you want. 

Find the time, make the time, do the most you can with your time. Because… well… time ends

But… what do I know…?

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