Out of the Abyss, Session 0

Extra Life 2015 with Gamers at Visionary went really well. We did have a last minute venue change, but it worked out for the best. We raised over $800 for SickKids in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I also introduced a friend of mine to D&D for the first time and he decided to join our Monday game. Though I am still sick due to allergies and lack of sleep, I am really happy about our first ever Extra Life event.

I am also very happy to report that Out of the Abyss plays really well. Character creation went pretty fast without having to deal with equipment. Players tried really hard to use Sleight of Hand several times in the beginning and they were subjected to really brutal combat without the aid of armor and weapons. They made the smart choice to run, rather than try to regain their equipment. I managed to kill some of the NPCs in the beginning, which saved me some trouble with roleplaying multiple different personalities (and do different voices).

I created a PowerPoint presentation with visuals that I wanted my players to see. The prison, the Underdark in different areas, and chapter changes, just to set the mood. I also had a selection of music for chase, combat, creepy, etc. It almost makes me wish I had those scent packets people were selling, but that probably would have made the allergies worse. I used punch-out business cards for certs (see previous post) and also did something more visual for initiative. I hope to take a picture of our gaming at some point, just to see the little differences. Maybe it will help with your own game.

Come Monday, we will be switching our campaign from Princes of the Apocalypse to Out of the Abyss, with me at the helm. My prep for Extra Life should carry me, but it will be interesting. I hope to give a report on what works, what doesn’t, and what I did.

But… what do I know…?

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