Out of the Abyss | The Darklake

The party reunited with Migs and Omarius after travelling a few miles from the deadly tomb. With no sacks or chests or way of transporting the treasure from the tomb, they decided to have Glabbagool engulf the coins and spit them back out periodically before they completely dissolved in the acid ooze.

Their slow, but steady pace eventually brought them to what could only be the Darklake. Down a short ladder carved into the wall was a huge expanse of black water that lapped gently against a pebble shore.


Though there were signs of recent activity, currently no one was in the alcove. As the rest of the party rested, Dareth decided to let Dawnbringer shine as brightly as possible to attract attention to their corner. For hours he waited, the only thing breaking the surface was a group of quippers attracted to the light. Finally, a boat with a lone duergar poled to shore. Warily, the duergar shielded his eyes against the light and spoke with Dareth as the rest of the party roused.

The parley was a trap! As Dareth got closer, four invisible duergar attacked. A short melee ensued, but with the duergar smarting from the bright daylight, their attacks were relatively ineffectual. Capturing the last one, the party interrogated him about where to travel. Gracklstugh was nearly a tenday away, but the kua-toan settlement of Sloodbludop was only a day away by boat.

After finally figuring out how to transport Glabbagool along, the party set off to Sloobludop for supplies and maybe a guide. However, approaching the village, they were set upon by a boat of kuo-toa screaming glories of the “Deep Father”. After they were dispatched, another boat approached, but this one carrying the leader of Sloobludop, the archpriest Plooppoopeen. He asked to make a deal with the party. If they would pose as bait, he would reward them. Apparently, his daughter was the new archpriest of the Deep Father and it was threatening to tear the town apart with a civil war. The party would be a sacrifice to appease the Deep Father, moving Plooppoopeen’s kuo-toa into position for an attack.


That night, the party slept fitfully, a dark dream turning into a nightmare. Two sets of glowing, evil eyes looked upon them as they floated in the water. Twin screams, terrible in their madness and anger, woke them in a cold sweat.

The next day (time loses meaning when there is no sun to count the days), Plooppoopeen took them towards the shore, where another group of chanting and dancing kuo-toa gathered around a shrine. The altar of the Deep Father.


Offering the party as sacrifices, the gathering of kuo-toa began to chant louder as the archpriest pronounced a great celebration as the time of the Deep Father neared. Distracted by the anticipation of blood, Plooppoopeen and his entourage attacked and the kua-toa exploded into a grand melee. Blood and gore mixed into the ground and the water began to froth with more than swimming and fighting kuo-toa. That is when the party noticed something very wrong with the water… something began to rise from off shore.


The Deep Father, the entity the kuo-toans called Leemoogoogoon was actually Demogorgon, demon prince of the Abyss! The mad fighting quickly became a mad chant as the kuo-toa fell over, incapacitated by the appearance of a demon lord. The destructive demon began to wade to shore, twin maws screaming, dangerous tentacles destroying and desiccating whatever was in his way. The party had no choice by to run, shoving mad kuo-toa and mud huts out of the way as the destruction behind them shattered the Darklake with roars.

Again they ran into the darkness…

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