Out of the Abyss, Session 1

Our first weekly session after Extra Life came and went. I got a bit swept up in the game, I forgot to take some pictures of our initiative cards and character portraits. However, we are trying to switch to a weekly game, so I will remind myself next week.

Comparing to the marathon Extra Life session to the weekly game, there were some things I felt fell short. I did not have an independent screen to show images where the players could focus while I went through descriptions. The visuals (which I forgot about a few times myself) really added to the atmosphere. Also, I had the music turned down too low. It created good ambient noise, but did not emphasize itself enough during tense points. The characters are much better armed now, so the fear and tension during combat is not as intense. The few encounters this session were not as nerve wracking or nail-biting as before when they were struggling with equipment (and even clothing). Lastly, I am getting over a cold, so voices and sound effects are beyond my throat’s ability right now. I cannot create the screeching of a vrock or the horrible roar of a demon lord. Being able to throw yourself into the role really helps.

A few changes for next time:

  • Dangerous and life-threatening encounters. Part of the module that works so well is the pure terror of circumstances. Lost in the Underdark, unequipped and unprepared, hoping to survive the dangers of this unknown world… and add in demons. They need to fear again.
  • Visuals. An amazing writer, storyteller, or DM can evoke imagery with word alone. I need a crutch, but it really helps.
  • Kill more non-player characters. Death is very real and a body is more likely to be eaten than buried. They lost one this past session in their mad run. Also, the party seems to like some of them.
  • Music and voice. Hopefully my voice will be healed by next week or I am going to search for sound effects on top of mood music.

I am going to be keeping a log of what happens in campaign here as well. It will be more of a summarized story, rather than a novel, but I will drop in the visuals to hopefully tell a good tale. Stay tuned!

But… what do I know…?

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