Out of the Abyss | Into Darkness Again

Fleeing from Demogorgon lent the party desperate speed and determination, despite their exhaustion and wounds. It was several hours before they stopped and took stock of their situation. Their hastily constructed sacks had ripped, spilling out a sizeable amount of coin behind them. They would not turn back though.

A quick discussion would turn their steps again north and west, making towards Blingdenstone. It would be the most welcoming of Underdark cities, even given its proximity to the City of Spiders. Jimjar would be helpful here as he could guide them.

It was several days into the journey when trouble first arose.


Their pace slowed while passing through a large, gas-filled cavern. The low ceiling kept the party ducking and crouched trying to keep their heads out of the poisonous green fumes. The party proceeded cautiously, but after several hours, they noticed someone following behind them in the gas and mist, just beyond their darkvision range.

Omarius slowed and hid while the others passed. As his wild shape spider form spotted drow scouts in pursuit of the party, he rushed back to find the party already engaged in combat. Worse yet, there were more to follow. Dispatching the scouts as quickly as possible, the party eschewed safety and ran, trying to reach the edge of the cavern, hoping to ignite the gas and throw off their pursuers. They barely made it to the edge when Dareth ignited the gas, throwing him down the tunnel and caving in the opening. Even through the dust and wall, they could hear multiple explosions as the cavern detonated in sequence. The party limped away, exhausted, hurt, and hoping they ended the pursuit… for now.

Though travel through the Underdark is never easy, for the next while, the party did not encounter much in the way of danger, only endless deep caverns, tight passageways, glowing crystals and fungi, and non-stop walking and backtracking.

Only a few days out from Blingdenstone, the party’s mood began to brighten. The prospect of getting proper beds and civilization was almost present. However, the Underdark does not care about those things, as a sinkhole collapsed in front of the party, nearly pitching in Dareth, at the same time, the wall of the tunnel burst in from behind.

Umber Hulk

The umber hulk clawed and downed Omarius, looking for a quick meal, its confusing gaze catching more than one party member unaware as they stared aimlessly at the hypnotic eyes. It took several rounds of frantic combat before gazes were averted and the combined blows from weapons were able to bring down the beast, the final strike delivered by Cormyn’s spiritual weapon to its brainpan.

Hope-beyond-hope, and praying to whatever deities they believed in, that they would soon find shelter in Blingdenstone…

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