The D&D 30 Day Challenge | Day 8: Character

Day 8: Favorite PC of Your Own

After playing D&D for so long, I think I actually have less memorable characters and campaigns than most. A lot of our games did not really have the staying power and basically faded from memory because the campaigns sputtered and died out.

The character I remember best is the one from back in AD&D 2nd Edition, over 20 years ago. I do not remember the character’s name however, just that he was a elf ranger, used two longswords (because the DM felt sorry for me only have a 17 Strength), and had one half of a gauntlet of wyvern control set because I decided to cut open the stomach of a monster we encountered. I played him for less than a year, but he left a lasting impression. In fact, for the next two editions, I played an elf ranger as my first character in 3rd and 4th Editions.

But… what do I know…?

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