The D&D 30 Day Challenge | Day 9: ???

Day 9: Favorite PC You’d Like to Play


I am actually not too sure what this day was asking. Is it someone else’s character that I want to play? That seems kind of silly, since you can basically just create a character using the same rules. It would be a rip-off, but the character would also be your own, after a fashion.

(Side note: I always create characters with a shtick, something they are singularly good at in a unique way. My air genasi ranger is extremely deadly with hand crossbows, wielding them like John Woo-style dual pistols. I also try to have a personality shtick, something I can fall back on when I cannot think of how to act out the character. The same character is very to the point, often punctuating his questions with crossbow bolts to the legs or arms to get his way.)

Let me answer in another way. If I could play a character in any other game, it would definitely be playing with the cast of Critical Role. I have a deep respect for that game, even though I hate being on camera (in any setting). Playing in Chris Perkin‘s home game would be a close second. Get me a guest spot in those games please!

But… what do I know…?

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