The D&D 30 Day Challenge | Day 11: Adventure

Day 11: Favorite Adventure

Sorry for the day mix-up. We will be back on track tomorrow!


I have always respected and envied Kevin “Piratecat” Kulp, Chris Perkins, and Matt Mercer for their long, intricate, creative, and epic stories and campaigns, whether shared through story hour, articles, or live on camera. I do not believe I have ever duplicated that level of game (for whatever reason). However, I think that Out of the Abyss has a chance to do that. Maybe I am slowly learning from the gentlemen I am following, maybe the module is just so well written, maybe the players are really buying into the game… or maybe it is a combination of elements that is making it work. So mark that as my favorite adventure or module of all time.

Honorable mention goes to The Age of Worms adventure path and Red Hand of Doom, two other favorites.

But… what do I know…?

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