Library of Voices


As you probably are aware, I have immense respect for Matt Mercer and his voices (among other things), and I recently wrote about wanting him as all my non-player characters (NPCs). I cannot remember which Critical Role episode it was that Liam stopped a random NPC, told Matt what he saw, and made the DM come up with a voice on the spot. It was marvelous and it really sold that interaction, even though it had no bearing on the story.

So that got me thinking… how many out there would pay for or Kickstarter an app or program in which you could roll a random NPC and with a click of a button, have Matt’s voice say hello or a quick something to setup your players? (This is different than an app just to hear Matt’s voice over and over, really. Heh.)

For example: Your players enter a new town and head to the inn. Stepping up to the bar they inquire to the bartender. Click on the app and it gives a robust description to read and the app says, “Welcome, what can I get you?” with one of Matt’s voices. Or an old lady or a seething villain or a jovial jester… you get the picture. Mix and match or make your own descriptions and voice combinations. It would be like having Gilmore in your own campaign! (In essence a random NPC generator with voiced one-liner attached.)

Just like atmosphere, lighting, music and sound effects, even scents, this would give people without that voice talent a way to immerse their players even that bit more. It is something I would put money on…

But… what do I know…?

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