I Bought a Binder…

When I finished my degree, one of the thoughts I had was that I never needed a binder again. EverEVER. Stupid binders.

So two days ago, I bought a binder for my Out of the Abyss campaign. Dammit. But given that I did not start this campaign paperless, I guess it was inevitable. Now, that I have organized a few things, let me show you guys a few of the tricks I use for my current campaign.


I spoke briefly about initiative cards before, but those are the actual cards that I use. There are many many more, but those are the ones most recently printed. When we roll for initiative, I place those cards down in initiative order, facing the players, in front of me at the edge of the battle mat. Not only does it give a visual reminder of turn order, hopefully it sparks some imagery for the players as they face whatever creature. I know that some DMs use hanging cards on their screens… but I do not use a screen.

The initiative cards are printed on 2″ × 3.5″ business card templates. I use Avery business card templates, but you can easily just print them on normal paper and cut them. I wanted something thicker and fancier. The “clean edge” makes for a nice card and more durable to repeated use.


The magic item certs are done on the same business card stock. I print front and back for these cards and I include the description and the entire entry from the DMG (so that no one is thumbing through the books while looking at their magic items). I considered larger cards (trading cards are 2.5″ × 3.5″ or index cards at 3″ × 5″), but finding a larger sized sleeve became more difficult and the cardstock certs would require cutting, rather than a page of punch-outs. If you know of a company that produces a printable cardstock that does punch-out trading card sizes, please let me know.

I am unsure if I can make these templates public because they contain copyrighted information and images, but I would love to support the DMs who want to run Out of the Abyss or want some tools in general. Leave a comment or contact me and I would be happy to send out the templates in PDF format. The custom magic items I created might be put up later, I am still in the process of making a new template.

But… what do I know…?

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