The D&D 30 Day Challenge | Day 20: Humanoid/Giant/Fey

Day 20: Favorite Humanoid/Giant/Fey

I feel this question is a bit of a repeat, since many humanoids are covered by character races. However, let’s take a look…

If I were the pre-teen boy that first started playing D&D, the nymph would probably be here, along with a 1st or 2nd Edition picture. These days, the nymph is basically used with the familiar trope of “save my tree” in all its forms, very predictable and uninspired. Giants are also both fun monsters, but one-dimensional in their use. This is not to say I will never throw giants at my players, but a slog through a giant clan can get tedious.

However, there is one monster that always annoys players and gives them pause…


Trolls. No one ever really remembers how their regeneration works, edition to edition. No one is carrying fire at the appropriate time, and the damned things are annoying brutes. When use with a mix of creatures or in waves, they are always a memorable encounter as they keep getting up.

But… what do I know…?

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