The D&D 30 Day Challenge | Day 27: Curse

Day 27: Favorite Curse or Cursed Item

I do not like cursed items. Players are already suspicious of their DM, social contract aside, and anything that shakes the bond of trust can be debilitating. How time consuming would it be if the players up their level of paranoia and start identifying and scanning every item for an hour of play time, just to make sure you did not curse them again.

So let me turn this around to the least favorite cursed item.


The berserker axe. This item causes the player to attack their own party. So not only do the players hate cursed items, this is the worst one because it affects everyone, wasting time and resources as they try to put down the raging barbarian who cannot stop attacking allies. The axe is just the tool of a vengeful, vindictive, and unimaginative DM. You put it in your game, you are just being a childish ass.

(Side note: No, I have never personally received this item, so this post is not out of spite. It is my exasperation at the stupidest item designed for 5th Edition, and many previous editions. I wish they had left it out because some DM is going to use it as a crutch for idiocy instead of learning good storytelling.)

But… what do I know…?


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