The D&D 30 Day Challenge | Day 28: Sworn Off

Day 28: Characters You Have Sworn Off Playing

I like playing lots of different character concepts, shticks, and ideas. That means I often played multiple characters in a campaign, switching not attributed to death. In 3rd and 4th Edition, this happened a lot. I would get bored with a character or find them ineffective, and I petition the DM to play something new. I always want my characters to be fun and engaged, but sometimes playing them just fell flat. That is why I know what kind of characters I prefer, what kind of game I like, and the type of people I enjoy gaming with. Maybe I do not give the characters enough chance to shine through, but with the heavy combat campaigns, the characters need to be effective.

So I cannot really give a specific character I have sworn off playing, there have been many…

But… what do I know…?

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