Thank You Strange Influences, Part 1

I wanted to take an opportunity to list out my 2016 gaming goals and also thank those who have acted as psychedelic mushrooms for my gaming habits, propelling me to do the fun and impossible for the year. Without all of this, it might have been “gaming as usual”, but now I can see an unprecedented year in gaming coming up. So here it goes (this is only just beginning)…

A huge thank you goes out to the following gaming influences in my life:

Gamers at Visionary and Monday Night Gaming: To very cool friends who joined us at Extra Life 2015, which also led to our extended Monday gaming group, THANK YOU! You reminded me how awesome a small group of gamers can make such a big impact and also reminded me that putting my mind to a goal is really the only way to make it happen.

The BEST Dungeon Masters EVER: To Matt Mercer, Chris Perkins, and Kevin Kulp, THANK YOU! It is the three of you who inspired me enough to give the DM chair another try and taught me how to be better and keep striving to improve.

Podcasts instead of radio: To everyone involved in Critical Role, not just as a actual play vidcast, but the entire of community amazing Critters that made D&D just so much cooler, THANK YOU! To Gaming and BS and Misdirected Mark, THANK YOU! I have not posted much about these guys yet (it is coming), but listening has really made me think more about my gaming experience and opinions.

The BEST game in the world: Awe-inspiring work from the people at Wizards of the Coast and the Dungeons & Dragons team on 5th Edition! Thank you for bringing the nostalgia of my childhood back and ensure it continues in the hearts and minds of gamers to come.

Part 2 contains my gaming goals for 2016… stay tuned…

But… what do I know…?

3 thoughts on “Thank You Strange Influences, Part 1

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