Thank You Strange Influences, Part 2

(In Part 1, I talked about the people and influences that are driving my gaming this year. Now it is time to see what all that driving is going towards…)

I wanted to take an opportunity to list out my 2016 gaming goals and also thank those who have acted as psychedelic mushrooms for my gaming habits, propelling me to do the fun and impossible for the year. Without all of this, it might have been “gaming as usual”, but now I can see an unprecedented year in gaming coming up. So here it goes (this is only just beginning)…

This year, there are a few goals I put on my gaming list:

Gaming blog: You are reading it right now, welcome to @Visionary! But in addition to that, I asked a few of my good friends to join me. I hope that will give a wider range of opinions and points of view on this wonderful gaming hobby. This site will be the central hub for all communications and articles.

Write and publish a D&D module: Seriously, like a Christmas gaming list come true! Dungeons & Dragons announced the Dungeon Masters Guild to publish your own D&D and Forgotten Realms products a couple days ago. We will have more comments about it once the @Visionary writers have a chance to talk about it (and the lawyers have gone over the fine print).

Attending a gaming convention before the baby arrives: At first, this one looked like it was not possible. Winter Fantasy was up too soon and most of the big conventions are August or later (Gen Con, Dragon Con, Origins, etc.). But then…

Organize a gaming convention: …by some miracle, a bunch of gamers and I decided we would hold our own International TableTop Day event! Cornerstone TableTop Day will be happening April 30, 2016. I will definitely have more details about that when we get the website and promos up soon!

Extra Life 2016: This will be the follow-up to Cornerstone TableTop Day convention. Last year’s Extra Life event with our friends was pretty successful, this year the goal will be even higher. We will run concurrent with other events in November, but it will be bigger. As always, stay tuned for more details and how you can join us and participate.

Complete a D&D campaign: Out of the Abyss is going quite well, I even had one of my players write something about that first adventure during Extra Life 2015. We are trucking along right now and I hope to be done (or at least a satisfying conclusion) before the baby arrives. Even though the DM chair is quite comfortable, I am also looking to get back into character, so to speak.

By the way, yes, my wife is pregnant, so that means gaming life needs to change a bit after July! She is complaining about playing less volleyball, I complain about playing less D&D! That is also the reason for the Tiamat image… a lot more heads this year to contend with!

Thanks for coming along on this ride with us (and still reading after all the rambling), there is more to come!

But… what do I know…?



2 thoughts on “Thank You Strange Influences, Part 2

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