Hacks | Futuristic Weapons

Welcome to another D&D Hack episode! Today is about new rules rather than any rule fixes. Read on!

Vince, a fellow gamer and very good friend of mine passed away in 2007. While he was around, he used to find the strangest and most amusing Living campaigns to try and play. That is how we all got roped into playing Living Arcanis, one of the only non-Wizards of the Coast campaigns still around today. This was during the d20 OGL (Open Gaming License) explosion, where all manner of campaigns, settings, splatbooks, etc. flooded the market. Most of it was crap, but a few diamonds appeared in the mess and some truly talented writing groups and companies were born.

(Author’s note: I wrote this article before the release of the 5th Edition OGL and Dungeon Masters Guild. I am waiting for round 2 of the OGL explosion…)

Over the holiday season, I was reminded of a gem called Dragonstar by Fantasy Flight Games. More so than Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, this was D&D with laser guns as the norm! The Dungeon Master’s Guide (page 268) has rules for futuristic items, but not a very extensive list and not much variety. So I went back to Dragonstar and dug around, coming up with a list of futuristic weaponry for 5th Edition (armor not included).

These weapons were really fun to design and create, I wanted to run out and grab an artist to draw them or start a new campaign right away! Feel free to take a look (please use Chrome as the Homebrewery may not work on other browsers) and comment below. No playtesting was involved in creating the rules, but let me know if you use them, I would appreciate the feedback.

(The document layout was created using the Homebrewery on Natural Crit and created by /u/stolkdorf. The awesome rifle image was swiped from peterku on Deviant Art.)

But… what do I know…?

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