Hacks | Taste the Dread Tree

(Featured image is the Weeping Treant by Bryan Syme.)

Monday marked the second session after my Out of the Abyss players left the Underdark. As they are only 6th level and I did not want to hand wave them up to 8th level for the next chapter in the story, they are currently on some side stories and character development quests. This is the first time I am running the DM chair without a module in a very long time and I got a suggestion that this adventure could become a short write-up for DMs Guild later on, along with some design and idea sidebars. More about that later, back to the game…

So inside a burnt out village, with multiple villagers hanging impaled on its boughs, the characters came upon a burnt, dead tree. They were previously warned that shadowy creatures destroyed the village and they smelled death and decay for a few miles before reaching the village proper. Naturally skeptical and paranoid (I love using hidden creatures as a DM), they approached the tree in the middle of the village. As nothing attacked them when they came to the base of the tree, more of the characters approached to examine it. That is when combat started with surprise and they faced the dread tree. I used the treant as a basis for the creature, then modified it with blood drain and healing. You can ask the players if they were fearful or not, heh.

There is more to this story and adventure, but this quest is not ended yet, so I will leave you hanging. Feel free to check out the dread tree (please use Chrome as The Homebrewery may not work on other browsers) and leave some feedback! Design notes are included directly on the document.

(The document layout was created using the Homebrewery on Natural Crit and created by /u/stolkdorf.)

But… what do I know…?

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