The First Journey to D&D Part 2

Hey guys, I needed a check in history and motivation to write this one. I had to think deep and hard to remember the important events that happened during this time. I think I got most of it covered so without further a due, let’s un-pause!

Since the last post, I left off at the very beginning of our ‘Extra Life‘ marathon experiencing my first D&D campaign. After we were returned back to our Drows cell and left to our own actions all we did was befriended some of our cell mates, I was still watching from the back as the other players interacted with NPC. It was quite an interesting experience truth be told. I tried to participate but failed miserably… It went like this:
Me: I would like to ask something to the closest NPC
DM: Sure what would you like to ask?
Me: Are there options to choose from?

And that was it.

Fast forwarding we received a visit from one of the higher up, let’s call him Bob for story sake and he provided us with an extra ration in exchange for a favor, I won’t spoil the module but we agreed to it although now that I think about it we have not really fulfil that favor. By some ‘Wizard of the Coast‘ miracle a bunch of ugly shadow flying thingies came out of nowhere and attacked the camp, as it was happening Bob came to release us! Now I forgot to mention that we are currently weaponless, beside my stolen rusty dagger, and armorless… Naked pretty much. We had our chance to make a run for it as they were all busy shooting down the flying shadows but we all decided to go and assault the guard tower instead, of course there is a guard tower, there is always a guard tower! We rushed in with hope to ambush the guys currently focused on the flying thingies. Unfortunately they were not surprised if I recalled properly and at that point in time I did not know ‘Surprise attack’ existed! And here was my first “roll for initiative”.

I really do not remember what I rolled but I do not think I was first, thanks RNGesus! There were 2 of them if I recall properly, and they were freaking strong. Now let me paint the battlefield right now, we are in a circular room with 2 tables in the middle and 2 Drows at the ready to attack us and the team rushing through the doorway coming in 1 by 1.

I will not be going through the whole battle but I will highlight the important part. At the very beginning of the initiative, one of my now teammate, currently weaponless, decided to use the table and smash it on one of the Drow… That blew my mind that this was even possible! Both tables were used as weapon but 1 missed, nonetheless both broken to pieces. Then come my important part, I wanted to do something unexpected and since I wanted to be a dual wielding ranger and currently only had a dagger, I picked up a piece of the broken table as an off hand weapon. It was fantastic!

Here is why it was fantastic, on every attack my most damaging weapon, the rusty dagger, kept missing but the new found club kept dealing damage to the enemies… every single time! My club which had no proficiency to it ended up out-damaging my dagger in this fight. It was a pretty funny situation for the whole team and myself also it is worth mentioning that I was knocked unconscious, now known as my default state, 4 times during this battle.

We proceeded to clean up this room with my trusted club and proceeded with arming ourselves and figuring out an escape plan. The option we took out of many was to jump in the garbage water below where giants spider webs could be seen. Not the best plan but desperate time requires desperate decision. We fell into the water and it was dark, this is where things got a little complicated… I did not have dark vision. What is dark vision you may ask, well it’s simple: vision to see in the dark which I did not have! I was pretty much holding hand trying to find out where we were going but wait there is more, in the water we encountered a giant ooze! Thanks goodness I was prepared for that as it is my favored enemy. We proceeded with killing it without too much of a difficulties beside the fact that I could not hit it due to no dark vision.

We then found a cave which lead us to our new adventure. At that point I don’t think there was anything exciting beside trying to escape for our lives, did some earth bending, slow falling, lost a couple of NPC, some left on their own and we eventually ended up outside, still dark and I cannot see a thing. Because of me not being able to see in the dark, my DM suggested I took the ‘Deep Stalker’ trait, no other choice at this time as I needed dark vision badly. I was glad at this point that ranger had something to see in the dark as I was pretty much useless in fights unless someone shined a light. At that point in time we had a few key NPCs who did not die and we then made the decision to head towards the home town of one of the NPC. Our decision was limited as we could not go to any town due to our party race challenges. We had a half Drow and his brother which are hated by anyone and everyone, so we headed towards ‘Blightstone’ (I think that is the right name). That ladies and gentlemen is where I will be pausing and I will continue the adventure in the next post. I would estimate we are heading towards dinner time of our marathon.

I hope that my first impression and experience makes you revive your first days of D&D.

Crit always!

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