Enter Gaming and BS

I came upon Gaming and BS by accident when a friend directed me to Chris Perkins’ panel at Gamehole Con 2015 which was recorded on Bonus BS. I listened intently to what was said during that panel, repeating it a few times, but when it was done, my app went straight into Episode 63: Treachery in Tabletop Roleplaying Games. Sean and Brett are disjointed, unfocused, and scattered… but the banter, the insights, and the sheer fun the two of them were having while recording is infectious. While I do not agree with everything the two of them say (thank goodness Brett is starting to change his mind about OSR and THAC0, come to the 5th Side), there is a very natural and organic progression to how their topics and conclusions come about, along with the slow “yeeeaaaah” from Sean to wrap everything up. It makes not just for interesting podcasting, but great entertainment. I admit, I have yelled at the speakers and radio in the car while listening to them. That is why I know I like the show and I will continue to listen.

(By the way, they talk about games and dispense gaming advice. Sometimes. Heh!)

I know I thanked them before, but I wanted to officially introduce them to the readers and let them know why Gaming and BS received the thank you. Keep up the great work guys!

But… what do I know…?

3 thoughts on “Enter Gaming and BS

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