Get Lost with Misdirected Mark

I was originally going to post this a week after my Gaming and BS article, but I wanted to give everyone a chance to join the Misdirected Mark chatroom on Tuesday at 8:45 PM Eastern Time (UTC -5:00). Last week I had an absolute blast when I joined the Misdirected Mark live chat. Originally I only intended to listen live, but I found myself drawn in and talking along with the friendly people (thanks Kevthulu and Jim) there. Granted, I did not end up listening much to the actual show, but let me speak to why I like the podcast in general. When Chris and Phil are speaking, it feels like they are drawing the audience in, more like Game Masters rather than announcers or show hosts. It might be interesting to hear them narrate rather than just discuss. They are obviously prepared and seasoned. The topics are tight and researched, you definitely do not want to play a drinking game with the word “Fate“, but their experience is broad and varied, so you can relate to at least one example they use, generally without much bias or prejudice (if you do not include Fate in that statement, heh).

I find that MMP one of my go-to practical references (rather than examples) when someone asks me about DMing. I recently asked about some of Phil’s older Game Mastering books because a player in my D&D game wanted to take on the DM chair for some of his friends. And while I do not agree with everything they say, I like to use their discussion as a counterpoint to my own thoughts. Misdirected Mark is also one of the examples I fall back upon when I think about what a gaming opinion podcast should be, in case we ever think of getting into that space.

Down with D&D with Chris and Shawn is the other podcast I listen to on the Misdirected list (sorry everyone else). I find myself in general agreement with Shawn. I especially liked his comments and breakdown of (now) OGL content he sees in much of non-Wizards of the Coast game design from episode 31. Not everything D&D is gold, but I appreciate the very succinct dialogue and real deep insights, especially when they are able to take a look from multiple viewpoints: writer, player, and Dungeon Master.

Find them on iTunes and give them a listen.

But… what do I know…?



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