The First Journey to D&D Part 3

Greetings guys,

I just wanted to go back to the previous post and make a correction in the story line. As the party was escaping our captors we ended up in a cave, at this point in real life it was past midnight and reaching to the point where a lot of party members had to go back to their real life responsibilities. This resulted to our decently large party dwindling down to the last remaining two, a dragonborn ranger and a half-drow paladin. Turned out the rest of the party was not fast enough and we were the only one caved in while the others had to find their way around.

I didn’t know at this point that you had to make a story for absent players or players leaving! It literally blew my mind. I thought the party will consist of random players who could make it to the session but now thinking back it would have made no sense at all! It is literally like having random people get in your car heading to your destination! Very bad analogy but you get where I am going.

Well back to the story, a pretty important part of the adventure that I omitted in my last post. During our cave in we explored the cave, we did not find anything of value and no danger until we reached a corridor with a floating skeleton. It was rather intriguing and we were throwing ideas around before trying to touch it which I probably would have done due to my flaw *wink wink*. I believe I did an Investigation check which is when, since my favoured enemies are oozes, I was able to see that it was a very still gelatinous cube which was holding the dead person inside of it. What is more freaky about it is it talked! Well not really but it did communicate through telepathy as I am Chaotic/Good in my alignment I decided to talk to him instead of rushing and attack as I always do. At that point we had quite engaging conversation with it and to summarize it was very curious being that had no intention of hurting us but learn more from us. This gelatinous cube is known as ‘Glabbagool’, it did as we requested and spit out the rest of the remains which we buried. A very common things to do by the paladin which kinda grew on me. I learnt from that point if there is a corpse bring it back to bury it as it means XP!

Fast forwarding, we explore the cave entirely until we were left with the centre chamber, we all knew what was going to happen at that point. We Zelda’ed it and went through all the small paths before heading for the main path where the story line will unfold. The thing was the story did not unfold there, we went to the chamber and triggered a trap where several oozes appeared. The oozes themselves were not a challenge at that point but due to the size of the chamber, Glabbagool could not join the fight. As soon as the fight was over we looted, always loot unless your life is in danger even if you are at 1 hp, that is my philosophy. We eventually found a crack in the cave where with the help of our new found friend we were able to make our way to the surface. We finally saw light or that what I thought, I did not get a grasp of the under dark at that point I thought it would have dark sun light with dark plants pretty much the surface through a dark lenses. It turns out it is more disturbing and dangerous that I thought with crazy glowing diamond, dangerous big spiders and disturbing mind messing atmosphere.

On the so call surface we emerged close to a building that looks like a cathedral well that what I pictured in my head. Obviously we had to go in and explore but please do note that this campaign is crazy dangerously hard and now we are 2 players with 1 NPC. I did not understand that at that point, I thought maybe the difficulty level will go down but bosses are bosses. We eventually reached a chamber with a coffin in the middle, and if I recall properly I went to touch it and boom! A freaking dark scary number 2 appeared, I think it was a wraith… I think. I will summarize what happened during that battle as I do remember it rather clearly, the important part that is. We rolled for initiative and thanks the RNGesus for having Glabbagool with us as thinking back now I doubt we would have survived. I am not sure who went first but it did not matter as that thing hurts a lot. We hurt it a little, it hurts us a lot! On the second turn a voice reached us and requested that we open the coffin, now I am making it sound like a normal request but our DM made quite a bit of screeched and muffled voice with that.

You found ‘Dawnbringer’, yup this is exactly what I found a sword that using a bonus action can light up the room in daylight! So I turned it on with my remaining bonus action and boom… I was knocked unconscious. I was knocked unconscious by the wraith dealing a number 2 ton of damage and Dawnbringer went dark. That was a useless bonus action! That thing could have one shotted me if all the attacked hit the first time. I controlled Glabbagool at this point for the sake of an ally and I made him absorb the wraith which confused it for 1 turn but it just levitated out of it. It was rather funny to think of it but we did end up getting an extra turn on her. The paladin rushed and grab the sword and fought the wraith but unfortunately I failed 3 death saving throws and ended up at death door until *heaven sound* DM gave me a pass to stay unconscious until the end of the battle without having to reroll a new character. That would have been pretty mean to a newbie!

Do note that this is still on the first day at 4 in the morning with 3 people trying hard not to fall asleep. Since it was my first day I received a pass to just stay unconscious but at that time I did not know that if you die, well you die forever unless you get revived by a specific spell. I thought maybe you respawn after the fight is over or somewhere in town, boy was I wrong. With the aid of Dawnbringer the Paladin was able to defeat the wraith with great help from Glabbagool and that is how the party acquired ‘Dawnbringer’ a very bright and intelligent object but also a curse to come to the party!

At this point I had a good grasp of D&D aside from the role playing, I could do stuff linearly like attack and move during a fight but that about it. Like baby steps, I took my first step beside attacking (opening the coffin) and fell.

Up next I will narrate more on my experience playing D&D where we cross the dirty deadly water and I got to do something cool!

Stay tuned and may the RNGesus be forever in your favor.

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