The First Journey to D&D Part 4: Dirty water and Murlocs

Hey guys,

First of all I would like to apologize for the late release, responsibilities caught up to me and I had to prioritize. Here is the continuation of the story where I left off from my last post.

I did forget to mention that “Extra Life” was a huge success for first timers, we raised quite a bit of money and I will definitely take part in it this year. As we start this new chapter the members agreed to keep going with the “Out of the Abyss” campaign and pausing the previous campaign they were playing. We all agreed to make Mondays better and have a session 3 times a month. At this point we are all at a party member’s house around a big dining table and ready to dive back into the abyss. So back to the story:

The paladin and myself finally out of the cathedral finally met up with the other party members who by luck of not being there did not get caved in and we were presented with an ocean like lake. Me being new at the underdark thought ‘cool an ocean, maybe we can fish to feed ourselves’, well that did not start well as first you do not spawn with a fishing rod and second the fishes were no good to eat. Well putting that idea aside we went to sleep as it was getting pitch dark in the underdark. After some time the person on night shift noticed a boat floating towards our direction in the dark and decided to wave it down. It was out of question to swim in this dirty water so a boat would be the very best thing that could have happened. Coming ashore were 3 Duergars(yes I had to google how to write this) looking suspicious, we tried to negotiate to take us across the dirty pond but everything went south really fast. We ended up fighting and killing them swiftly and that is how we found ourselves a boat! At that point the party did not have any bags and a lot of loots and with the ingenious plan of myself, we asked Glabbagool to absorb and carry all heavy non melting things and it worked! I was pretty proud of myself there until the boat situation, the boat was not large enough for our gelatinous friend so again we had to improvise (isn’t that D&D).

After much deliberating and instead of leaving him behind, Glabbagool will be pulling the boat from under the dark lake since he is unaffected by whatever pollution or 3 eyed fishes down there. Of course all the armor and coins were placed in the boat and we set sail, during our travel nothing really happened and eventually we reached a mushroom island. That island contained so many mushrooms of all sort and sizes, some as big as a tree trunk, then a nice idea came to the team! We felt bad for Glabbagool and decided to cut down a big mushroom and carve it so that it could be a raft and pull our friend behind the boat. It just had to not melt under him of course. We gathered as much food as our foraging rolls could give us and back on our boat towards Blightstone, I was not used to my favored terrain at that point as I could easily have foraged way more than I did since my favored terrain is the underdark.

Now heading to Blightstone we rowed for a few days and the journey would approximately take 1 month of travelling by lake. We were hugging the shore just to not get lost and at one point a boat appeared out of nowhere and start heading our way. Well the way our DM described it they weren’t friendly. Once they entered our attack range, all range casters unleashed and I used my newly acquired skill “Hail of Thorns”. I was pretty excited using this skills as the situation was perfect due to the way the people were aligned. We thought they were people but turns out they were fish people similar to murlocs, pirate murlocs!

They were aligned as such:

/ \
1 2
3 4
5 6
6 7

I used my skill with the hand cross bow from the prison guards and fired away. All but 1 received full damage and it was anti climatic! To redeemed myself now that the boat was next to ours I used my dragon breath (acid) which I always forget that I have. The dragon breath went very well and ended up killing quite a few of the pirate murlocs. The number 8 on the make shift map was the boss and he survived, the wizard in our party now was burning the boat with his fire spell, something that I did not want to do as I wanted to re-purpose the boat but I quickly learn in D&D that once it’s done there is no undo button! The boss now the only survivor and on top of a burning boat jumped into the water and swam rapidly towards us. Pretty scaring having to fight that thing on a boat coming underneath you. Well most of it’s attack followed this pattern: jump out of the lake, attack, dive back in. A little challenging fight as we could not keep visual for spells on him, this fight took a little longer but eventually manage to dispose of him. It was a rough fight and a lot of us were injured and to our horror we saw a second boat heading towards us but at a very slow pace. Fortunately there were friendlies and invited us back to their village, a name that I will never remember and for the sake of this story let’s call it fish village.

They saw the fight and thanked us for getting rid of the pirate as they were capturing people for offering to their devil lord. The reason why we were invited and the reason we accepted is they needed us to do them a favor in exchange for a guide to our real destination. At that moment in time the town was divided between good murlocs and bad murlocs, the bad were worshiping a messed up devil lord by sacrificing living things. The favor from the chief of the good murlocs were to pose as sacrifices in order to be offered to the messed up devil lord. And folks this is where I will end for today!

I hope you enjoy reading our adventure and please tune in next week for the continuation.

And remember there is always time for D&D

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