Hacks | The Original Gish

Gish, otherwise known as a fighter/wizard, is one of my favorite character types. In 5th Edition, this can be very effectively built using any number of techniques, including–but not limited to–the Eldritch Knight, fighter/wizard or fighter/sorcerer, Pact of the Blade warlock, and various other esoteric class and spell combinations. However, the original gish comes from githyanki lore: a powerful warrior and wizard, capable of blade and spell attacks.

So when the player characters came upon a githyanki silver sword that literally fell from the sky, I knew that having them face githyanki without having a gish in their midst would be a terrible disservice. Having her ride in on an armored nightmare with a flameskull familiar was probably a helpful image as well.

You can take a look at the stat block here. Thanks once again to /u/stolkdorf of Natural Crit for his layout program. Design notes are on the page. Let me know in your thoughts in the comments below.

But… what do I know…?

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