The First Journey to D&D Part 5: Demon Lord

Alright, let’s pick up where we left off last time. Apologizes again for late posting as I was running different options with my DM to find the best combination for my character but that is a story for later.

We left off last time at the exact moment where we were about to be sacrificed as part of a deal we made on a limb. Today’s story will basically demonstrate fight or fee as well as the sacrifice of a team made in order to move forward and to avoid a TPK… no thanks to me. Let’s dig in!

At this point the party was being escorted to the sacrificial ground where the other group worshipping the unpronounceable named demon were singing and dancing. It was not a club atmosphere at all more like throat songs and dancing disturbingly. This is when we found out the leader of the bad murlocs was none other than the daughter of the elder who hired us for this job! I know! Mindblown! Let’s just say at this point the fatherly love was not existent. We were handed to the soldiers of the bad murlocs side and guided to the sacrificial altar where our blood was supposed to be used as medium in the summoning. Well funny thing is we had our weapons and apparently it was totally normal as they did not predict or expect anyone to fight back to stay alive. At this moment we were debating on breaking free and starting a riot but we did not have the chance to, the elder jumped on stage and struck his daughter in the back of the head. That blow unfortunately did not knock her out but instead initiated a blood bath. We didn’t know if we were hitting the good or bad murlocs but it was very hectic and anybody within range would get focused and killed. We killed the murlocs around us and moved closer to the altar to help the elder with dismissing our his daughter. The battle went on for a few rounds so estimated probably 5 minutes game time and before we even had the chance to help the elder, all the blood that met the water under the altar started to boil.

I guess the blood quota was met with all the blood pooled from the dead murlocs and what happened next needed no perception check. A horrifying scream followed by a horrendous sight came emerging from the dark lake, not too far from the shore. Even though it was quite far from shore the tentacles were able to reach the altar and it started swiping at all moving things. Anybody touched by that attack would be instantly turned to dust. Me being a newbie was about to dash into the fray and attack the monstrous apparition for loot and magic weapons. That was until I turned around and looked at what was once a battle royal now turned into a stampede as the villagers were trying to run for their lives. I guess there is no such thing as friendly fire with the demon. Well I really wanted to kill it and even told the DM my plan and he made it clear that we were in no way ready to fight this demon. We weren’t ready in level, equipment, experience… anything! That completely changed my plan and we picked a direction and ran for it, we picked right and we had to bash through a few barriers before we made it to a clearing far enough to not be in sight of that demon. That demon you may wonder is the third from the strongest if I recall properly.

The party was pretty exhausted from running all that distance and was taking a rest. When doing a head check to our horror Glabbagool was not with us. He was not included to be a sacrificial lamb due to his body constitution and was waiting for us in the hut. I suggested going back to get him but it was me against the whole team as all of them were well against that idea due to the fact that we sustained severe damage just being around the demon lord. At this point it was bye bye Glabbagool, we weren’t sure what happened to him or whether he is still alive but all I could wish at that time is that our path would cross again at some point in the future.

After a long rest the team assembled and had to determine whether the choice of direction we took while fleeing was the good one. Luckily it was and we were on our way to ‘Blidenstone’ the town where one of our accompanying NPC would help us get in. The way there was not every eventful from what I can recall and we made it to a wall. The wall was very well sculpted and you could see that it was out of place from its surrounding. Grimjow our NPC suddenly more excited than usual announced that we have finally reach our destination.

I used my flaw and went closer to investigate the wall and right when I was about to touch it, 2 bolts fired and lodge themselves right next to my feet and a voice echoed “Who goes there and what business do you have here?” or along those lines. I slowly backed away as I am not very good yet at persuasion and Grimjow jumped from behind me and yelled something. The guard recognized him and was convinced to let us in with the help of our paladin who is very good at persuasion. The wall slowly opened and we were flanked by a lot small people with crossbows aimed at our noggins. What went through my mind at this point is how do we get out of this situation if things goes south and I can tell you I am still pondering if that would have been possible.

We were lead to an inn where we ate, showered and rested before we were picked up and brought to the elders. We explained how we escaped from Drow’s imprisonment and our goal to head to the surface which we needed a guide to get us there. Unfortunately they did not have anyone to spare due to the non stop problems that were plaguing their town. After much conversation we agreed upon a deal where if we help them with their problem they would spare a guide. We went straight for business and headed to the shopping district to buy better equipment. It is worth noting that we were under-levelled at this point as we skipped a few other towns due to the races in the party. On our way there we encountered two gelatinous cubes, I thought it was Glabbagool but after trying to communicate with them, no signs of being on the friendly were shown. One of the cube has a person being corroded inside it and me being a copper dragonborn rushed in a used my action to try to pull the individual out but of course it failed. Fast forwarding I was able to get that person out and promptly got rid of the cubes. The result were unsightly for most villagers and some of the party as each of us who made a trip inside the acid cube, came out without any clothes on. We walked around town with loin clothes!

We shopped and procured ourselves some decent equipment while accumulating a set of quest to accomplish before we part from this town. With our shopping done and ready for undertaking our first challenge, we headed for the rock doors leading to the ‘Rockblight’. And that is where I will stop today and will continue next update!

Stay tuned!

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