Hit Reply

Tonight, I stopped saying calling the campaign I run “our” game. I am spending four to eight hours or more per week preparing and creating content, as well as certs, monsters cards, and other miscellaneous things. My Monday night D&D game has five regular players, three part time players, and three lurkers–so I expect at least eight responses per week. Some of the players cannot spare a single minute out of 10,080 in a week to reply. This makes me upset–it is same as being rude to me. Do not test me by being rude. I do not do passive aggressive, so I just told everyone to respond or don’t play.

I always hesitated previously to claim possession of the campaign and overall game night. I have always felt that it is a shared experience and shared responsibility. Everyone is involved in the social contract of the game. However, I came to the conclusion no one wants that responsibility, they just want to play on their own convenience and do not bother considering others. Well, that does not fly with me.

Every week, I have a blast trying to kill the player characters, throwing them into difficult situations, and hoping they escape only by the shreds of their cloaks. I cheer and grimace as I roll natural 20s and pick up the dice to for critical damage. I love when they ruin a good encounter or they figure out the linchpin to a cakewalk, but I love just as much to give them a good stomping. I do not feel I am owed anything in the game because I have just as much fun throwing dice as they do. However, I am owed some basic adult consideration because I am the one who has hours of homework from week to week. If they cannot pick up their smart phones for 60 seconds and type a reply, then stay at home on Monday night.

Our previous campaigns suffered and died from the lack of commitment and lack of attendance–always last minute excuses–they basically fell apart from neglect. I am not going to lose my campaign to a lack of communication and lack of respect. Besides, if a bunch of adults cannot be considerate enough for basic text and email, then they are not going to be in my game. I do not need to chase people down… I do enough of that at work.

But… what do I know…?

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