The First Journey to D&D Part 6: The infamous invisible potion

Hey folks,

Back for another update of my D&D adventure with my fellow team mates. This post will demonstrate my noobness in the field of D&D but most importantly how I almost got my party wiped. Let’s get into it shall we?

Picking up from last time the party was making their way in the ‘RockBlight’ (don’t quote me on the name as it is probably wrong). We were told something was messing with their earth elementals and more importantly a Medusa was wandering around inside the RockBlight and to be careful of it. Even I knew what a Medusa is and does, more will be explain when we do encounter her. As we walk in into the cave I had to roll a perception check as I was investigating a random basin of water close to the entrance. Thanks to my flaw where I just go around trying and looking for trouble I was able to avoid getting surprised by a ghost which apparently showed a face so scary that you age 20 years! Again, *pooosh* mind blown, I did not know that was an option, age? Well luckily and unfortunately only 1 member of the party was affected and proceeded to age 20 years not quite sure what that entails for the future. At that point I panic because I did not know the life span of my dragonborn and what age I was! So I read my race really quickly and my 25 years old dragonborn was born!

Anyways back to the fight, at this point we have all rolled initiative and me being me, I tried to communicate with it as it did not attack us but only age one person. It is not its fault for having an terribly scary face. After a few tries of negotiating which resulted in nothing I placed my hunter’s mark and started hacking at it. Even with that it did not attack back but moved into the water and appeared in one of the room which were originally a barrack or sleeping quarter. Since I had my hunter’s mark I could determine where it was heading and where it ended, very first time my hunter’s mark did that. It apparently wanted to tell us something so fast forwarding our confusing investigation to find out what it was trying to tell us, he eventually led us under the bed where we saw a skeleton which our paladin took it upon himself to give him a proper burial outside the cave. The ghost at that point went into the wall and me having found a pouch went through it and found gems and a potion that looked similar to a healing potion. I drank it, on the spot, no hesitation, right there and poof I disappeared! Immediately after that happened I rushed after the ghost in the wall and hit it hard and fell back. This cause some baffle comments from the team members in real life. So from their perspective I turned invisible and next thing they heard a thump on the wall and thump on the ground. From my perspective I thought it was a potion to communicate with the ghost which granted me ability to walk into walls and follow him! It was a potion of invisibility and I just drank it all.

We gave up on the ghost and me not wanting to waste the potion of invisibility shouted to my team that I will be exploring ahead as I thought I was untouchable. Ahead there was a body of water which lead to stairs to another room, I headed there but as I walked into the water I was flanked my 2 gargoyles. Apparently they were just waiting there until the right moment to strike and seeing me alone in water it was the perfect moment. I was creating a gap in the water and that how they knew where I was approximately. I did what any invisible people would do, run backwards while avoiding all attacks and right when I was retreating I received an upper cut from an earth elemental! I never thought earth elementals were that scary and he knew exactly where I was. After a few rounds of avoiding gargoyles and getting hit like a truck by the elemental I finally met with the team. I learnt the hard way to never venture alone at this point. This is when we noticed that our paladin went back to the entrance to drop off the skeleton for later transportation and was on his way back to the party so I was left with 2 spell casters and me the glass canon as the meat shield. That did not turn out very well as I went down pretty fast and the spell casters all took major hits while spending all their spells to kill that earth elemental! They are so damn tanky! After much difficulties we managed to triumph and decided to go back outside after 2 hours to take a long rest due to the fact that we had nothing left after this fight. That fight quickly raise the expectation of what I was facing and I had to prepare myself.

Before we headed to the inn and take a long rest we dropped by the graveyard warden and gave him the skeleton we found in the RockBlight and it turned out to be a gnome that died there and did not receive proper burial. We at least accomplish this and got bonus exp for doing that! After our long rest we went back in after a few errands and luckily no monster re spawned yet! We decided to then head into the room which was right behind the body of water where I got caught and found a status. The goal of one of the mission is to place a gem on a status to cleanse the RockBlight to restore the earth elemental and I think we found the right place. Unfortunately for us the cleansing of the RockBlight was not meant to be easy.

That folks is where I will end for this update and will resume with the cleansing of the RockBlight on my next update.

May the RNGesus be always with you!

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