The First Journey to D&D Part 7: Thinking outside the box

If you are looking for something unique and out of box thinking then look no further! During our adventure in the ‘RockBlight’ the DM threw a curve ball at us to see how creative we were at handling near impossible task. I will cover quite a bit of our adventure this time with little spoilers as I would like to get up to speed with the current story.

Our objective right now was to cleanse the RockBlight of the curse so we do not get upper cut by an earth elemental again. Well to do that we had to place a gem in the statue in the middle of the temple, classic but what followed were earth elementals! I was never scared of earth elemental before I played D&D! Look at earth elemental in Guild Wars 2, you run pass them or ignore them but not the one from D&D, pray you do not encounter more than 1 at a time. Once the gem set the statue spawn 3 earth elementals however it was 1 at a time which made the fight easier but I still fell unconscious a few time which by now will be referred as my default state. After the battle which included super tactics like throwing a dagger and hitting it with a club to push it in for extra damage! I was proud of this maneuver! After getting rid of the 3 earth elemental the area felt cleansed and we long rested in the temple as it felt very safe.

Our goal now was to find and kill Medusa but before that we went out and back in and during that time while out to announce the good news, our paladin exchanged dawnbringer with another sword which I cannot remember the name but it sounded amazing. It was the DM decision as 3/4 of the party had sunlight sensitivity which the presence of dawnbringer wasn’t helping. Anyways back to the RockBlight we started exploring the other chambers and fell upon one with around 20 statues seemingly worshipping the one statue on the pedestal. While investigating we brushed against some of the statue and they immediately started attacking us. Seeing so many targets I used my breath attack and hit 4 of them in a line which was awesome. I never really use my breath to be honest but at that time it actually damaged the inactivated statues in a line and activated them. Immediately after my turn a fireball came from our druid and boom every inactivated statues were now alive and attacking us! Pretty overwhelming if you ask me but good thing they were rather weak. Eventually the odd boss started to move and attack us. We manage to get rid of him without much trouble but this is where the DM threw a curve ball at us. Upon defeating the boss all that was left was an evil mist and we had to move it to the temple a few doors away. Unfortunately physical interaction leaded to nothing production and the spells needed to move the mist were not prepared by the necessary party member. We had to figure out a way to move that mist. We tried protection against evil and hand in hand moving in a line we tried to move it by walking into it but that would have taken forever. That was until our druid transformed into a giant toad and swallowed the mist! Well he kept it in his mouth and ran towards the temple, after a few action checks and a ton of inspiration he made it breathless and released it in the temple where it disappeared! We were able to do that because it amused our DM. Lesson number 1 always humor your DM if you want free experience!

With that settled we went looking for Medusa and we eventually found her waiting for us! Very nice of her not to pop in when we were fighting other random creatures. In the chamber we fought 2 basilisks and a Medusa with a killer stone gaze. The fight went better than expected since it was her against 6 of us and DM kept rolling bad. At one point Medusa used a poison cloud and me being a smartass decided to get a better shot at her and to do that I had to relocate a little closer through the poison cloud. I did exactly that but I held my breath and long story short I almost died walking into that cloud! Lesson number 2 holding your breath does not protect you against poison cloud!

After defeating Medusa we headed out and were immediately praised by the town folks. This made it so much easier to buy stuff and we even got a guide to bring us to the surface. After a few hours of shopping and rest we headed out on our way to the surface. After 20 to 30 days of travelling we finally reach the entrance and we parted ways with our guide before we continued on to the surface. It was like a dream come true at that point because we were all looking for the time we would get out of the underdark onto the surface and this is exactly what was happening at that moment. Little did we know that the drows who had us imprisoned were waiting to ambush us.

We were really under leveled and at this point before we rolled for initiative the DM hand waved us to the next level as we would not be able to get through this battle. Once we rolled for initiative we were outnumbered and even though we leveled they were still freaking strong. I won’t spoil the battle for you guys but we were still under leveled which resulted to most of our DPS to be unconscious for half of the fight. We actually feared of being TPK. The battle took most of our regular session time due to multiple enemies. With much difficulties we managed to kill them all and loot their lifeless bodies and after this we walked freely to the surface.

This is where I will leave the story for now and coming up is Draekhill personal story time! Stay tuned!


Play always!

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