In One Week | Attack of the Unreviewed Podcasts

A lot can happen In One Weeka weekly article focusing on what gaming things interested or caught my attention in the past week. I will report on what happened in my world of gaming and give you a snapshot of what excited me in the gaming realm at large. How many games can you play In One Week?

I apologize for anyone who was looking for this article on Friday, but it was interfering with the launch of another weekly article and I was skipping over my Friday games. We are adjusting our launch schedule, please bear with us.

What did I play this week?

  • D&D!
  • Podcasts! Lots of podcasts…

What happened to me in gaming this week? 

Wow, this section is getting longer… awesome.

  • Down with D&D with Randy Farmer was really great, I listened to it over the weekend during my drive. If you have not seen his work, it is really impressive what that man can do with glue and scissors. However, the best thing about that episode was Shawn and Chris dissecting Mantol-Derith. I now know why I did not want to bother with that chapter and am skipping over it. It is entirely superfluous–meaning “useless”. Shawn said, “I don’t know why all that is needed” in the episode which clarified my thoughts perfectly. GET OUT OF MY BRAIN! The rest of the section also underscored my feelings about the army train–not using that either–and the whole mess inside the city. Chris and Shawn scored a winning episode this week. And Shawn might be a mind flayer, just saying.
  • I feel really bad that I do not give Misdirected Mark a more in-depth review every week because I spend most of my time chatting instead of listening on Tuesday nights and then have to go back and listen again later on. However, this week I was listening live to Chris and Phil READ MY THOUGHTS! Actually, the episode was about Dungeon World, but there were sections where I felt like shouting aloud, specifically about what I wrote earlier this week. The aftershow contained some interesting discussion as well, where prep vs. minimal prep came up… and got a little heated.
  • Gaming and BS was more disjointed than usual this week. I really felt that Sean was at complete loss for words as Brett stumbled about for traction. I think the topic was good and they had something going, but never really pushed the point home. The discussion might have derailed early on. However, the show really pushes the strong point of anecdotes and stories, which I enjoy. I think they should take another stab at this again at a later date.
  • I listened to two episodes Talking TableTop this week. Jim always has great questions and great chemistry with his co-hosts. I was really interested in the 7th Sea and happy to hear some of the behind the scenes action–see below for the reason behind my interest. I like Jim’s ability to evoke anecdotes with his questions.
  • She’s a Super Geek gained a fan this week as I listened to back episodes about Headspace. I found it hilarious! I already picked up on Senda and Emily’s sense of humor from Tuesday chatroom, but listening to the podcast play was really funny. I also found it very informative. I was looking for more information about Apocalypse World games and the actual play gave me a good idea of the mechanics in motion.
  • The official D&D podcast was very good this week, even though I miss hearing Shelly. She Kills Monsters sounds like a really interesting production, but the actual interview part of the podcast was more in the hands of the interviewee. It did not feel like Greg was asking questions, just filling in air time or tripping over Skype. The podcast has some great topics and unique guests of late, I am very happy with this improvement of the show.
  • My bloodthirsty D&D group had to–wait for it–talk this week. At least, they would have–if the random encounter table did not spring up an interesting twist and I ended up killing a character in bloody demonic fashion. Just leave the maniacally laughing drow alone! However… that character was brought back to life because his father who he thought was his brother stabbed him with an ancient moonblade that sacrificed itself to cast reincarnate but used his own made up race table instead of the one in the book so he turned himself into a gnome, his most despised race.
  • Last Friday, I ran Harried at Hillsfar for a few people, including re-introducing my friend’s son to D&D Adventurers League. I got a very nice compliment saying he enjoyed playing D&D more with me than the previous DM. Credit where it is due, Shawn Merwin wrote a very easy module to run, all I needed to do was throw in a few voices.

Where did my money go this week?

  • 7th Sea took my money–I finally decided to back it last weekend. I have only played the game once in the past, but I feel like it is a good project and I wish they could have offered the hardcover at $40 instead of $60 plus my $10 shipping to Canada and the currency conversion. I wanted a physical manifestation of the results, instead of only PDFs. I will only read the PDF, but the book needs to make pretty on my gaming shelf.
  • I was talking with my Cornerstone TableTop co-coordinators about gaming terrain and dungeon tiles, and–long story short–I bought a DRAGONLOCK™ set to try out. We have access to about three or four 3D printers collectively, so it made sense–at least in my headspace. We printed it in heavy duty filament, just as a test. Now if someone can get me Hero Forge’s STL files…

What did I miss this week?

  • I still have not purchased and read Brandon Sanderson‘s new books that came out earlier this month. Usually these are digested within 48 hours. It is painful to me that I do not have time to read…
  • I did not have as much capacity for any gaming or gaming related stuff this week, except for whatever I caught during my drives, including a 4 hour drive to visit my sister. Not the ideal environment to be making notes on podcasts, so I apologize for my not-so-in-depth reviews this week. I am also running out of room to mention all of them in the Twitter broadcast!

What excited me the most in gaming this week?

  • Unfortunately, nothing made me sit up and race around this week–in gaming at least. Life… well…
  • I will give a huge shout-out to Shawn Merwin who gets several nods this week. I am disappointed that his D&D Adventurers League module got pushed back–I was looking forward to running it for a group this coming Friday. Also, he is a mind flayer.

What was your gaming week like? 

But… what do I know…?

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