2 More Minutes to Print

Weeks ago, I tried my hand at printing a map I downloaded from 2-Minute Table Top. You can read about my frustration and annoyance–but before you do, I wanted to give an update.

After that disaster, I was pretty set on not using those maps again. However, the quality of the art and price–even taking into account the exchange rate–made me eventually take a second look. Here were some great maps–even though I had a bad experience with printing–I could definitely apply towards online use. But it nagged at me that I could not drop one of these down for my local gaming group. Coincidentally, a friend told me about an online printing company that same week. Lo and behold, they are having a sale on vinyl banners.

Online again I go, purchasing and downloading a few more maps. This time, I put them into Photoshop and manipulated the images and size to fit exactly what I wanted. I upload them–and after a 15 minute harsh discussion with one of the service reps–I got them to finally start printing what I wanted.

The colors from the maps turned out great, very vibrant and pretty on the white vinyl. This is where I say “screw DIY” because the results were beyond what I could do myself. I am not recommending that you do not try the dice boxes, but no way could I produce these maps to this standard or quality myself. Unfortunately, my camera is in storage, so I cannot upload a better photo than what my phone can produce.

I do not really have any conclusions for all these do-it-yourself gaming accessory attempts, other than to say I am not done yet with it. Regardless, my players can expect a dragon combat in their future. There is bright lava calling…

But… what do I know…?

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