The First Journey to D&D Part 9: A Bad Choice

Alright guys, let’s pick up where we left off last time. This time I am going to tell you Draekhill’s personal story and I will also go into details as why Draekhill acted the way he did. It is all about role playing right?

After a short rest we headed to the village, most of us needed a long rest at this point but due to the fact that I was detecting deteriorating life force nearby we did not have the luxury of a long rest. The party was pretty weakened at this point, most of the spells were used up as well as our hit dices. With the sense of urgency we moved towards the village which we discovered was surrounded by very thick and tall brambles. We tried to cut it but it was too thick, we tried to burn a passage but it grew back up almost instantly, we tried to squeeze in but instantly regretted that idea. We then went around to look for another way in and there it was standing there, the almighty and the anti Gandalf, a metal door already ajar.

Once inside we saw a figure in the distance being shackled by what it seemed to be some kind of shadow. I inched  slowly towards that individual because I had a feeling it was someone I knew. Upon closer inspection I recognized the figure and it was my brother Haesh. He was being drained of his life force by some unseen evil. He was pretty much at death door.

Suddenly a white light appear and the woman who saved me from darkness in my dream was standing in front of me. She quickly explained that she knew of me and that I hold the only way to save my brother. I was to let her transfer some of my life force to my brother so he himself could break free of these bounds. Now a lot of things went through my head for example:

1. I know something bad is going to happen
2. It seems too easy
3. She seems very powerful on her own why can’t she do it without me and what is in it for her?
4. How would I react if my brother was dying in front of me.

I went with number 4 for two reasons, I wanted to stay in character and two it fits with my flaw and I really wanted to see what would happen. Fast forwarding to the ritual, I was to lay down for an entire hour incapacitated while she performs her ritual. While I was down for the count my party had the option to look around. However with everything that happened so fast mixed with the little rest we all had, they did not want to trigger another encounter so they stayed put.

Everything went well figuratively speaking because after 1 hour the ritual was successful. What I was not aware of was that the DM handed me a card and told me that I did not feel great and it felt like a part of me was gone. To summarize the card, I had -5hp permanently until it could be dispel with divination magic! At that point I questioned the woman to find out what she did to me and at that very moment she turned into an old hag and laughed at me. We rolled initiative. Unfortunately for us what we failed to perceive is that trolls were hidden in the brambles and to be exact 7 of them came out and ambushed us.

At that point the DM handed me another card and told me that I noticed in dim or no light shadows moving around me. The card was different it was a template, a Shadow Dragon template. He also told me to move my alignment from Chaotic/Good to Chaotic/Neutral. The template looks freaking amazing I received a lot of new powers with a big draw back, If I die I cannot be revived. Shadow Dragon template basically gave me resistance to all type of damage beside radiant and a select few, a necrotic breath weapon, advantage on stealth checks and sunlight sensitivity.

The battle did not go very well, we almost died even with my newly found power due to our low spell pool. Unfortunately the hag at one point reached Haesh and offered to spare him if we all surrendered. I did not trust her word anymore and I rejected that offer which instantly resulted in the death of my brother. The rest of the fight almost took 2 hours to conclude and right when we managed to kill all the trolls the old hag escaped in the brambles. We finally had a breather or that what we thought, similar to the way I was able to feel the deteriorating life force coming from the village when we first came in, I felt the portal starting to fade. We did not have time to loot or pick up our thrown weapons, I grabbed Haesh’s body and rushed towards to portal followed by the party.

Once back to our reality I was yelled at so many times by all party members that they all agreed that Draekhill should be prevented from gaining access to new and unknown items. I buried my brother’s corpse close to the village and I thanked him for the power he gave me. This raised a few eye brows from the party as they noticed my alignment change.

As a summary for Draekhill’s personal story, the whole party had a blast running through this module. It was a homebrew module that has a lot of potential. We did end up skipping the last encounter and that was the DM decision. There was absolutely no chance for the party to survive the last encounter. After a few chat with the DM, we all agreed that a long rest after the portal travel would have been enough to handle the last fight. Although it was hinted that Haesh could have survived, the cost would have either been the death of the entire party or of a party member.

Well guys I hope you enjoyed Draekhill’s personal story entitled ‘A Bad Choice’, in the next update Draekhill will be discovering his new power the good and the bad part of it.

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