The First Journey to D&D Part 10: Githyanki

If you did not follow the last story, go ahead and read it. As of now Draekhill’s whole personality changed, and as a curse to this newly received power Draekhill cannot be revived at all. Anyways we will get to that when that happens, as of now Draekhill will be trying out his newly found power and personality.

Now that the party was back on track to Gauntlgrym, we headed in that general direction. Unfortunately because it is not my favorite terrain we could technically wander around before finding our destination. In the middle of the day while travelling we saw some disturbance in the sky. We see a ship flying, the kind of ship that you should be seeing on the water but it was flying and on fire. Suddenly a silvery weapon was thrown our way and landed right in front of the party. That weapon resembled a greatsword. At that moment we see one strange human like creature rushing for it, that creature is known as a ‘Githyanki’. Unfortunately he did not reach the sword as he was shot to death by the ballista currently mounted on the burning ship. Without any talk or anything we rolled for initiative. At that point I was very excited to use my newly found power that cost my brother his life.

As we rolled for initiative the ship that should have been empty because you know it was going down pretty fast actually had around 7 Githyanki on it and without a word started attacking us. We realized pretty fast that the greatsword that landed in front of us was the artifact they were after. I was rather happy to try out my new found skill but I had one major issue… It was in broad daylight, right in the middle of the day. That meant that half of my new found power was not working properly plus I also have sunlight sensitivity which by the way sucks very much.

Looking back now that battle and after serious talk with the DM, I realized that this battle would have gone much easier if we all worked together but that was not the case for this specific battle. The Githyanki cornered us and basically had everyone engaged with a one on one battle. I wanted to intercept the sword so on my turn I moved closer to it but with misty step one Githyanki came and picked up the sword in 1 turn. What I failed to realize is that there was a ballista aiming right at us and it was getting ready to fire. Our paladin who realized the threat jumped ahead and headed for the ballista, it was great as it kept 3 Githyanki busy. When it came to my turn, I quickly realized how sunlight sensitivity was not worth the new power! I could not hit even if my life depended on it, literally.

We managed to destroy the ballista and killed the rest of the Githyanki and let just say that all I was in that fight was a meat shield. I was pretty low on health when the battle ended. We picked up the greatsword and proceeded with investigating the ship and that when I learned that it originated from another plain. As we entered the ship, our druid prevented me from going further into the ship while the others were investigating the content. If you read the last story you would see that I totally deserved that. So I headed upstairs and took my short rest. They found a few scrolls and unknown potions then suddenly a fireball exploded on the ship which reached me and the druid. Looking outside the window of the ship we saw a flying horse mounted by a female Githyanki and a flying skull heading our direction. If it wasn’t for the short rest I would not be alive, we rolled for initiative. The druid and I looked at each other and the plan was clear, we both wanted to use the balista to shoot them down and it had to be used by 2 people at a time, which worked out well.

We managed to get one shot off before the balista was destroyed by the female Githyanki. They were a real pain but the strange thing is I was the one running around stabilizing the team and most of them went down fast. I usually am the one down and waiting for someone to come and stabilize me. That female Githyanki was strong with gazillion of AOEs. She ended up escaping after rendering half the team unconscious. I myself managed to do a full whooping 39 damage for the whole battle that is how much sunlight sensitivity sucks. At this point I was not too keen on my new power but was ready to give it another shot.

After this battle we changed our travelling pattern and started to travel at night so that we did not get in that situation again where sunlight sensitivity would be an issue which by the way affected 3 out of 4 people in the party.

On the next update we will encounter a dragon, stay tuned for that.

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