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A lot can happen In One Weeka weekly article focusing on what gaming things interested or caught my attention in the past week. I will report on what happened in my world of gaming and give you a snapshot of what excited me in the gaming realm at large. How many games can you play In One Week?

I apologize for the tardiness of the article this week, I spent the weekend at a convention and most of the week very busy with work. Work is great, which puts my mind at east about the gaming I want to do…

What did I play this week?

  • 8 hour D&D Adventurers League modules feel never-ending. Great for XP, no so great for snack and junk consumption.
  • Cornerstone TableTop is partnering with Heroes World to run sanctioned D&D Adventurers League events! I really wanted  us to be connected to the wider world of gamers and this is a really wonderful way to reach the community through an FLGS. We also got approval for Reclamation of Phlan last week which I mentioned in an article.
  • Monday night Out of the Abyss continues in the Wormwrithings. Why Wormwrithings you ask? Because purple worms are awesome. They are also deadly if you decide to attract attention in their egg nursery! Dead worm, but also dead drow druid–revivified as an elfshadow that wild shapes into skeletal beasts. The following Monday, they stumbled into a beholder lair. Even though half the party was resistant or immune to half the eye rays, the shade–formerly rock gnome, formerly half-drow, formerly Helm worshipper–and the elfshadow druid–formerly drow, father of the formerly half-drow–perished by petrification and imminent suicide. The rest of the party escape via plane shift and must face the wrath and judgement of Deep Duerra.
  • I apologize to all the podcasts I listened to this week, you guys had so much good stuff and I did not have any time to take notes and make comments. That includes: Gaming and BS, Misdirected Mark, She’s a Super Geek, Down with D&D–the Marvellous Magnificent Mind Flayer Alhoon Merwin hinted at a few things–Talking Games with Senda and Phil, and the Official D&D Podcast. Please go give them a listen, I promise you will not be disappointed.

What happened to me in gaming this week? 

  • D&D Adventurers League revival and resurgence! What ALO Con started is continuing to grow.
  • More Cornerstone TableTop Day 2016! Momentum is building, so is my nervousness. Lots of amazing people are coming, I am really looking forward to meeting them all. Plus the events are awesome, I cannot believe the progress!

Where did my money go this week?

  • I went to a gaming convention and dragged a friend along, see below.
  • I Kicked–still looking for a better verb–The ABCs of RPGs for my daughter. It looked so cute and it is being produce by some people at Geek & Sundry, so I know where to send my angry ranting if I am displeased. I got in at the last minute.

What did I miss this week?

  • Other than this article, I spent a lot of time on the road catching up on podcasts–see above–and still managing to fall behind on my playlist. People are producing too much content! I blame you Internets!
  • Dice, Camera, Action! and Critical Role–still no time to watch. I only catch snippets, here and there, while my D&D group tries not to spoil anything week after week. Not that I care about spoilers, but many, it makes for some good TV.
  • I have not watched Daredevil. I am a bad geek. I will try to make up for my comics fail with Batman v Superman this weekend.

What excited me the most in gaming this week?

  • Breakout! My first gaming convention in a very long time. For various reasons, I was originally not going to attend, but I changed my mind last minute. I am glad I did. We often forget what else is around and the really nice people you can meet when you bring your head out of the sand to get some sun and air. I played a whole weekend of D&D Adventurers League and walked around and met a ton of people–including local game designers and authors that I did not even know existed in the area. I also got to play modules from this season’s Curse of Strahd storyline in order. I avoided spending any additional money on games, but I did get a signed copy of Urban Shadows.

What was your gaming week like? 

  • Happy early bi-centennial to Misdirected Mark! I will be in the chatroom tonight cheering you guys on!

But… what do I know…?

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