First Group D&D experience at Breakout 2016

I am rather new to D&D I would say, I only started playing regularly since November of last year and still have a lot of questions about the game and mechanics but I rather learn by fire!

This past weekend I decided to go to a convention ‘Breakout 2016‘. Looking at the event it was not very exciting and we almost did not go due to thinking that it was going to be poor organization and not many people will show up. But boy were we wrong, I only went Sunday and it was packed but I heard that Friday and Saturday was equally as busy.

I had to do a few preparation before the event as I was warned that once a character enters season 4 that character is stuck in season 4 until the end of the season. I decided to create a Warlock and I had to go purchase the mini. On Sunday morning we arrived at the convention around 9 am and it was a chilling atmosphere literally, I don’t think they turned on the heater at that point. The majority of table were empty and we were scared that there would not be enough people to play a campaign. Fortunately we managed to recruit a DM and a few players walking around to play the first module of season 4. Everything was happening around a round table in a Holiday Inn hall only for us.

Slowly the place started to become crowded and I was so immersed in the current game that I did not notice how full the room was. We went on for 8 straight hours, playing module 1, 2, and 3 and I can assure you the modules are very well written and are definitely worth playing.

I witnessed several ways of playing from different DMs and I learnt that DMing is not set in stone, to each their own. Some used minis and some didn’t, apparently that is old school, but it was fun nonetheless.

Ultimately It was a fun first convention, I did not expect much going there but I was pleasantly surprised. I would definitely go again. It was my first convention playing with total strangers and it worked very well.

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